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Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and great Python developers can make over $200,000. 

My membership program will help you learn and master nearly every aspect of Python development in a safe community of fast growing developers. 


I have been training developers at top companies and online for over 25 years and I have it down to a science. If you want to learn as fast as possible using my proven teaching methods and my powerful training courses then join now to get started. 


I am passionate about one thing and that is to help you increase your Python skills quickly so that you can make more money in your career and work on projects that matter to you. 


No matter where you are in your Python journey, I promise that my Lerner Python membership will help you become a better developer.

Included With Your Membership


Access To My Training Library

Get access to my 40+ existing courses and any new courses that I release throughout the year. 

Each course uses Jupyter notebooks as a powerful way for you to quickly learn the material — and I make my notebooks available for download for you. This allows you to follow along with my videos, experimenting with the code that I wrote, learning faster, and getting a deeper, better understanding than would otherwise have been possible. This method is something that I have developed over years of teaching thousands of developers.


Practice Exercises

Exercises help you fully understand something and internalize it so you can do it from memory later.


My corporate training classes include tons of exercises and practice problems. My video courses also include lots of practice exercises — and extensive walk-throughs of how I solve the problem. I’ve written two books (Python Workout and Pandas Workout) full of exercises.


But no matter where you are in your Python journey, you can always use more practice. That’s why my community includes not just courses, but also regular exercises for you to improve your skills:

  • Basic tier includes Weekly Python Exercise, a set of six 15-week courses that ask you to solve Python problems on a variety of topics. Every week, you’ll level up your Python skills a bit more. 
  • Data+ tier, then you’ll get full access to Bamboo Weekly, where I pose problems based on current events, and ask you to solve them using Pandas.


Office Hours

Videos, e-mail, and forums are all great — but it’s often best to be able to ask your instructor questions.

That’s why your Lerner Python membership includes office hours. One, open to all paid members, is aimed at pure Python-related questions. The other, for members of the data tier, is specific to Pandas and other data-related questions.


This means that twice each month, you’ll be able to ask me any questions you have about Python and Pandas. The sessions are recorded, so even if you cannot make it, you’ll still have access to the Q&A.


Office hours are among my favorite parts of interacting with students. Whether it’s about the core Python language, a module in the standard library, new developments in the Python world, or trouble solving exercises in my courses, I’m happy to answer any and all questions that you bring.


Member's Forum

Joining my community will give you access to our private, exclusive forum, where you’ll be able to ask questions, help others, and collaborate with like-minded Python coders. Our forum is a safe space for you to ask questions that are troubling you about Python and Pandas, including anything blocking you at your job.


If you’ve ever attended a Python conference, then you know one of the best parts is the “hallway track,” where we hang out and chat. You can think of this forum as our version of that, a place to informally get to know each other and discuss Python-related topics.


Special Events

I’m constantly learning new things, and I’m excited to share them with you — even if they’re not quite ready for the formality and length of a course. Members will get access to a number of special events during the year, giving live talks on a variety of topics and levels. Data+ Members will be invited to all of these events, while members of the Basic tier will have access to talks about the core language. I’m even hoping to invite some special guests to give talks, especially people whose talks I heard and enjoyed at conferences.


You can think of this as a kind of small, virtual conference that’ll take place over the year, giving you a chance to improve and increase your knowledge slowly and over time.

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  • Members-only forums
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