Advanced Python functions

There's much more to Python functions than "def". Learn how functions really work, including advanced parameters and scoping.

About The Course

Defining functions is no natural and easy in Python, it’s easy to think that there isn’t much to them.


But in fact, Python’s functions are extremely sophisticated. They’re compiled into byte codes. They support many different ways to map arguments to parameters, You can nest functions, returning closures. And that’s just the beginning.


In this course, you’ll go way beyond “def” and simple parameters, to really understand what’s happening under the hood in Python functions. You’ll write inner functions and use closures. You’ll even explore stack frames, and see how they can help us understand how Python does things.


If you write functions — and as a Python coder, you almost certainly do — but want to really understand them in depth, then this course is for you, with not only a better theoretical understanding, but also practical tips and tools for your day-to-day coding.

This Course Will Show You How To...


All of Python's parameter types, and how arguments are mapped to them


How bytecodes work


What hidden information is contained in a function's __code__ object


How nested functions work, and why you would want to use them


How variables are stored in stack frames

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Function objects and bytecode
Unpacking *iterables and **dicts

Scoping - LEGB

Course Contents

Course Length

4 Hours

Number of Lessons


Training Materials

5 PDFs

Coding Exercises


  • Welcome (2 mins)
  • Introduction to function objects (5 mins)
  • Function objects and bytecode (8 mins)
  • arguments and local variables (4 mins)
  • Disassembling our function (7 mins)
  • More arguments (4 mins)
  • Defaults (12 mins)
  • Disassembling defaults (6 mins)
  • *args (7 mins)
  • keyword-only parameters (7 mins)
  • Exercises 1 (3 mins)
  • Exercises 1 solutions (9 mins)
  • **kwargs (9 mins)
  • When to use **kwargs (8 mins)
  • Unpacking *iterables and **dicts (6 mins)
  • Writing function wrappers (5 mins)
  • Exercises 2 (2 mins)
  • Exercise 2 solutions (7 mins)
  • Exploring __code__ (14 mins)
  • Scoping – LEGB (18 mins)
  • Inner functions (6 mins)
  • visualizing inner functions (4 mins)
  • Enclosing variables (8 mins)
  • Using enclosing variables (6 mins)
  • nonlocal (10 mins)
  • __code__ and enclosing scope (5 mins)
  • Multiple nestings (5 mins)
  • Use case 1 – Semi-static variables (7 mins)
  • Use case 2 – Function factories (4 mins)
  • Exercises 3 (3 mins)
  • Exercise 3 solutions (6 mins)
  • Intro to stack frames (8 mins)
  • Functions vs. frames (4 mins)
  • The “inspect” module 
  • Inspecting stack frames (7 mins)
  • Type annotations (8 mins)
  • Conclusion (2 mins)

This Course Is Perfect For...


Python developers who feel comfortable writing functions, including with default parameters, who want to take their knowlege to the next level.




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  • Nested functions and closures
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One-Time Purchase (Lifetime Access)
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  • Nested functions and closures
  • Dig into byte codes
  • Advanced techniques



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